Saturday, January 5, 2013

Design Trends in 2013

I have been reading a lot about what the predictions are for design trends in 2013. I think some of them are dead on and others are way off. But I guess only time will tell as 2013 strolls along.

So here we are the design predictions in 2013.

Benjamin Moore named Lemon Sorbet color of the year:

Green Tea and Lemon Sorbet

No not this lemon sorbet....though this does make me wish for warm spring days. Nope they are talking about this Lemon Sorbet:

 to be honest I am not a huge fan. Don't get me wrong I like the color and think its an easy color to work with BUT to name it color of the year?? I don't get that at all. What is so great about it other then the fact that it's a safe color choice? To top it off...I don't think the photo they used is well staged to boot and doesn't help the color at all.

Other predictions:

That Hexagon (Honey Comb) is going to be the new pattern:

I couldn't agree more...I have been loving this shape for awhile now. I have been buying jewelry with this pattern and been inspired by it recently. So I think this is a new trend to watch for in the up coming months.

Like I had predicted in 2012...emerald is going to be making its way back onto the scene:

Which I am loving...I don't think it will be accepted by everyone but I think that designers will be pushing the color.

Here is the color I am predicting will have a huge come back in 2013 (you heard it hear first)


I don't know to what extend it will be used...but I know I am loving a soft peach lately. I am thinking of adding into my house in some way this year. We will see if that happens.

What are your thoughts on trends in 2013? Any you see that are going to take off?
What are the trends of 2012 that you hope are out of here for good?


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