Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Kitchen Plants

So I am not one to have a green least not with plants inside of the house. I have killed my fair share.

Hopefully that will all change after today. Because today during my weekly trip to the Salvation army in my town I found the perfect little plant holder. Thought it probably wouldn't appear that way to most.

So I picked up my plant holder for $2.99 and them made a quick stop at HomeDepot to pick up some $3.00 succulents that I hear are practically impossible to kill.

Here is how it turned out:
My Kitchen sink/window

It's so lovely
I sorta think it adds a special touch to the sink. While out shopping today I also picked up the soap pump. I was getting tired of seeing the Dawn plastic container on my counters. So I opted for more of a design look. Now all that's left is to hide the sponge!

What about you add plants to your kitchen counters? Do you try and hide your soap and sponge? If so how?


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