Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wallpaper yay or nay

As I'm sure all of you know I have begun my wallpaper installation in the hallway. I must say it looks fabulous but I can't share it with you just yet. Still have some stuff to finish and need some time to rehang my picture frames. But in due time you will see it.

However what I have noticed is that we are in the in between on wallpaper opinions. Some say it is out and other say it's in and making more of a come back. I would like to think that it's making a come back in a way that people are better selection the wallpaper they choose and where it goes. I find a nice balance of paint and wallpaper is creative and unique vs a house that is wallpaper crazy!

Here are some successful images of wallpaper use that I have found:

What do you think? Yay or Nay? Do you have plans to use wallpaper in your space?
Let me tell you if  patience isn't your strong suit I would hire someone to do it.

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Side Table Re-Do

Yesterday I showed you my living room space and how over time the layers of design have really begun to transform the space.

I thought today I would share with you the side tables that ones were black and now shine like gold!

I bought two of these from Target knowing that they were the perfect "X-Form" shape I had been looking for. However not only was the black base a problem but also the black glass...GROSS!
So I decided to take out the glass and spray paint the base a nice brass color. While for the glass I went down to a local glass company and had them custom cut two clear pieces for me.
I could not stop staring at them once I put the tables together. I would go in another room and come out and go "Oh I just love it!" That is when you know your money and time was well spent when you use the L word.

Here is once the side table was complete adorned with my favorite picture frame and a new favorite of mind the brass bowl from Nate Berkus's Target collection.

But here it is again my living room with the side tables on either side of the sofa.

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Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Progress in my Living Room

When it comes to designing in my house it's a process. We got married and had no furniture at all to bring to our apartment. Once we were in the apartment we bought only some furniture and used my Nana's furniture in the mean time (Happy Birthday Nana...I miss you!)

So when we moved into our house well we had some piece that took priority like a kitchen table and appliances. Not a ton of money to spend on other things like rug,pillows, and curtains. It's a process for me. It takes time and money which sometimes I don't always have.

But I am working hard on making our living room the way we envision it to be.

When we first bought the house the room looked like this:

Kind of hard to see but the previous owners I think...overstuffed the room with large pieces....or should I say grand pieces. Worked for them....just not for Nick and I.

So about a year ago (you can tell from the Christmas lights) our room looked like this:

I was in love with it. I had just gotten all new furniture. It was like Christmas came early when I got the sofa! However what the picture doesn't show you is that the rug is so paper thin and cheap from target and that lamp next to the couch is actually on a black folding chair. I was working trying to find what I really wanted the layout of the room to be.

Now it brings us to 2013. I am more focused on this room then ever because it's the first thing you see when you walk into our house. So it should be put together right? Well I still have about three or four more pieces of furniture to go...and more decorative accessories. But I am loving the space.

I found these great end tables that were black from target for super cheap. I took out the black glass and had new pieces cut. Then I spray painted the bases gold (shocker I know!) But I needed something that was elegant with clean lines and glass so it still added furniture but doesn't make the space closed in.

Here is a better shot of the side tables. I still love everything about them! But I know gold isn't for everyone.

 I switched out the Target rug and put in this beauty from Potterybarn. I have loved this rug for so long. Sadly I must be the only one because its discontinued! But that means I got it on a great sale price!

  I have moved so art around. My sister-in-laws painting now hangs next to our front door for all to see. I get so many complements on the piece. Also I added some sheer swag to the large window. I plan on doing it for the smaller ones too...just need some time to get that done.

I moved the ottoman over to the piano as a bench for nick. It has glamor with the nailheads and the blue and tufted characteristics just help with the overall look of the space. The gold frame I got from my neighbor for free!!! I plan on painting my own picture and swapping out the flowers for something a little less traditional.

 These lamps may or may not stay I haven't decided yet. But I love that the burlap shade helps to give the room a little more texture and a warmth of a nice neutral color. And of course my room has a bird...it is my room and expresses who I am.

I think it's coming together nicely. I would like to put a sofa table behind the couch and then in the corner by the stairs (not shown) add another piece of furniture (not sure what yet) so it's more of an entry feel and helps not to leave dead space.

Thinking of hanging some art in this corner. Very sleek an less chunky like the gold. Or toying with the idea of a thin open bookcase?? Who knows. It will probably take me a year!

Here is the reason why I moved the ottoman. The rug is just to pretty in the middle to cover up at this point. But I know I will have to have something in the middle eventually. Just haven't been inspired yet.

What do you think? Do you like it? Have you noticed progress in a room you have that once was bare and now slowly you have built design layers into it? Show us!


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Design Trends in 2013

I have been reading a lot about what the predictions are for design trends in 2013. I think some of them are dead on and others are way off. But I guess only time will tell as 2013 strolls along.

So here we go...here are the design predictions in 2013.

Benjamin Moore named Lemon Sorbet color of the year:

Green Tea and Lemon Sorbet

No not this lemon sorbet....though this does make me wish for warm spring days. Nope they are talking about this Lemon Sorbet:

 to be honest I am not a huge fan. Don't get me wrong I like the color and think its an easy color to work with BUT to name it color of the year?? I don't get that at all. What is so great about it other then the fact that it's a safe color choice? To top it off...I don't think the photo they used is well staged to boot and doesn't help the color at all.

Other predictions:

That Hexagon (Honey Comb) is going to be the new pattern:

I couldn't agree more...I have been loving this shape for awhile now. I have been buying jewelry with this pattern and been inspired by it recently. So I think this is a new trend to watch for in the up coming months.

Like I had predicted in 2012...emerald is going to be making its way back onto the scene:

Which I am loving...I don't think it will be accepted by everyone but I think that designers will be pushing the color.

Here is the color I am predicting will have a huge come back in 2013 (you heard it hear first)


I don't know to what extend it will be used...but I know I am loving a soft peach lately. I am thinking of adding into my house in some way this year. We will see if that happens.

What are your thoughts on trends in 2013? Any you see that are going to take off?
What are the trends of 2012 that you hope are out of here for good?


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year....New Blog

Happy New Year !

Let me first start off by saying I apologize for leaving you. 2012 wasn't the best year for me and I found it difficult to write and be excited about design when it seemed that design itself had turned it's back on me and left me in shambles. So in a very sad and lonely state I deleted the blog not thinking I would look back and miss it and all of you so much. But I do. I miss writing about what I feel about design...and I miss hearing what you have to say about design. The house has had projects that have gone unpublished (sorry!) but over all my motivation that I had going into 2012 had somehow disappeared come mid spring. But what I have learned is you just have to pick up and keep going...and not let everything get the best of you.

So 2013 I am back...new name for my new company that I am hoping will further launch in 2013. I also have new projects and new goals. **Please** disregard the look of the blog...for I am planning on giving it a facelift like I did my other one as soon as I have some time to do so.

I just want to say I missed you....and I hope you enjoy.

Wishing you only happiness and the blessing of health in this fresh new year!!

-Deirdre D.