Friday, June 7, 2013

Sewing Machine Project

I always feel like I am apologizing for never getting around to posting on the blog.
Years ago I would try and get as many post up as possible. But since deleting that blog I know very rarely think to blog. (shame on me) turns out I used to do a lot more projects when I had the pressure to blog about them. Something I might look into.

 But last month I decided after seeing an inspirational photo, to take a family treasure and turn it into something beautiful, functional, and sentimental.

This was my Nana's sewing machine. Though I will admit I don't think I ever saw her use it because by that time she had a portable one. But this did live in her kitchen and served as a buffet table for parties and later on where her bird cage would sit.

Now I don't sew...and even if I did I don't think this would be the one I would learn on. But even still I have an attachment to this piece of furniture.

Which lead me to get Nick to go to our old apartment and dig it out of the closet and have him get on his hands and knees and take of the dusty top ( he is such a great and wonderful husband).

So that I could use the iron base for this:

 I bought a pre made top and stained it. It took a little while to find the right length and depth but I did. See this pesky spot next to the stairs has been bugging me. It collects cat fuzz balls and it wasn't very inviting before. In our house we really don't have an entry, but having this piece now gives it a little bit more of a cozy feel. (as much as cozy can be in a high ceiling room)

Oh but the iron bottom I tell you is what makes this piece and fills my heart with love. Sometimes design isn't about what looks good by everyone else but what makes you happy

And this my friends makes me happy. Something tells me it makes my Nana happy too to know that her piece of furniture isn't locked up in a closet somewhere but is re purposed and on display in her granddaughters home.


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